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DJ / Producer

My name is Dominik Lucian aka Eclipse. I was born on the 4th of jannuary in 1982 in Salzburg/Austria. In my early years i spent a lot of time with listening to all kinds of music especially HipHop which i still like. About 10 years ago somehow i got thrown into the psychedelic scene and soon i began to love it:) Inspired by the music, the people and the beautiful vibe i got interested in "doing it myself". Also a big shout out to the 24/7 crew wich inspired me a lot in my psychedelic development. I began dj`ing several years ago and soon it was clear for me that i wanted to deeper in to the knowledge of producing. I play all kinds of styles reaching from Progressive to Night Psy. Already played side by side with artists like Logica, Sonic Species, Rinkadink, Materia, Astartica, Absolum, Avalon, Shane Gobi, Astralex.... Now i am more focusing on producing my own sound cause this is my passion „smile“-Emoticon So i hope you are looking forward to hear some nice stuff „wink“-Emoticon Love and light to all of you, greetz Eclipse