Andromeda Projektion Arts


Hey my name is Daniel Fuchs. I live in the south of Bavaria not far away from Salzburg. In the older of 17, I started to listen and celebrate Psy Trance. In the last years, we have been to Festivals like Ozora, Modem,… The Decoration there was marvellous, and the sound too. But that wasn´t all. There I saw for the first time different projektions, Illusions and 3D mappings. Since that time I was sure, we need this for our partys too. I was already creative and not bad in working with pc and graphics. 2016 I bought a projektor and made my first experiments. Since then I´ve been busy with Visuals, Projektions and 3D mapping. There are unlimited possibilities to let the deco always look different and bring it to life. At the end of 2016 I made the first visual sessions at parties from friends. At 2017 I started “Andromeda Projektion Arts”, meet us on Facebook. Meanwhile I will be booked for Techno,Elektro and Goa Events. Check out the pictures of my last projekts.