Lycrana Art


Hi my Name is Florian, Lycrana and I am born in Austria / Salzburg! I was already creativ as a young child doing paintings and drawings . When is was 17 jears old I found my favourite genre the psytrance-music and in the year 2012- 2013 I start with a small crew in Salzburg to make psychedelic decoration and after 1,5 years I went my own way and since then its growing and growing. I really love to decorate the partys with my Lycra - Fabrics and bring with the deco an own flair to each party. Lately I have been decorating mostly partys in Salzburg Indoor/Outdoor like Progressive Beach Partys but also some bigger Events like the MoDem Pre-Party in Sakog or for example Anderswelt Partys in the Arge location. Check out some of my decoration examples below: 14273357_545607782299118_1122814073_o 14285004_545607792299117_304102630_o Lycrana Decoration